PSA Grading Service
  • Approx 85-100 day turnaround

  • Max $99USD card value

  • Price is per card


PSA Grading Service
  • Approx 40 day turnaround

  • Max $499USD card value

  • Price is per card


Which cards can I grade?

We currently accept submissions for regular sized Pokemon, Yu Gi-Oh & Dragon Ball Super trading cards.

How do I find the value of my card?

Your raw trading card must have a price of $99USD or under for standard or $499USD for premium.Simply jump onto the Troll & Toad website and locate your card to get the value.

How long does PSA take to grade cards?

PSA is experiencing a high volume of submissions, and as a result, submission processing times have been impacted. Estimated turnaround time may change at any time, but we will keep your submission updated on the website for you to view at any time.

How should I pack my cards?

To avoid further handling of your cards, they must be sent in a penny sleeve and placed inside a Toploader/Card Saver/Semi Rigid Card Sleeve with a post-it note stuck to the penny sleeve and sitting out the top - like below;

Pokemon Card PSA Melbourne Australia Charizard

Can you guarantee a grade?

We cannot guarantee a grade, but we are more than happy to give you our professional opinion before sending.

How do we know which cards is yours?.

We submit your cards in the exact order in which you submit your form. Each card will get a specific line number in our submission and is graded and sent back in that exact order. If you submit a single card, it will have its own specific line number.

Where do I send my cards?

Once you have completed your purchase, please submit your cards to; 

The Feisty Lizard 

PO Box 8060 

Northland Centre 3072 

Please email/Facebook message us to confirm you have sent your card/s

It is your responsibility to ensure that your cards arrive safely to The Feisty Lizard store. We recommended that you send your cards with tracking. Insurance is also a good idea for expensive cards.

When do we send your cards to PSA?

We send your cards within 1 business day of the submission due date.

No insurance is available when send to PSA due to the excessive customs costs, and delays it causes.

PSA do however insure your cards on the way back from grading.

All submitted cards are sent express to PSA and usually arrive around 3-5 business days from Melbourne. Additional insurance fees can be applied for more expensive cards if you prefer.

What are the PSA grading stages?

Once PSA has our submission, the grading process will begin and the turnaround clock starts. You can read about the process here. Any updates will be viewable here as we progress through the grading process.  

When do I get my cards back?

PSA will return the cards back to Australia with 3-7 business days of completing using priority shipping and insurance. We will be in contact with you once your freshly graded cards have been returned. Tracked return shipping is covered by this service, but if you prefer express shipping, that can be selected at checkout.

In the unlikely event that your PSA graded cards are lost or damaged on their way back to you, within Australia, The Feisty Lizard is not liable. We recommend paying for insurance if you have a number of expensive items being sent back. 

If you would like insurance, please contact us to arrange. 

PSA is currently experiencing a high volume of submissions, and as a result, submission processing times have been impacted.

Ember rewards cannot be used for our grading service - sorry!